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Importance of details. Different bracelets

Why accessories are so important? Sometimes you spend much time to create you look but finally it is still lacks something. Seems like the color of shoes fits the color of your gown and you didn’t put too much colors and didn’t use the same tone. What is wrong? Nothing! You just forget to add spices. Spices for your look are different accessories, unusual pieces of jewelry like slave bracelets, anklets, armlets, ring sets or body chains. If you don’t know what exactly these words mean, we are happy to provide full info and help you to become the queen of every party, the bright person at work or in lecture-hall or astonish your crash at the date. Sometimes you can tell much with no words. Just complete your fashion look with right details. Look hot!

Slave bracelets

You are looking for fancy accessory that is bracelet linked with ring but don’t know where to find it? You are in the right place! It is slave bracelet or slave bangle. There is huge collection of different kind of boho jewelry in our store. We can offer jewelry of any style: ethic, bridal, simple, rock. The name is kinda funny. It doesn’t linked with police bracelets or with any sex games. It is very beautiful accessory which ornaments your hand. Your whole hand. Attract attention to your slender fingers, new manicure and be the star.

slave bracelet with rhinestones


Anklets or ankle bracelets. They can be very diverse in shapes, styles, materials.It can be just fine shinning string and wearing it you will feel and look proper even at bussiness meeting. Also it can be big, clinking with little bells or coins. Such anklet is good for beach, beacause it brings summer joyful mood. Anklets can be ethnic like indian, egyptian or african. This sexy detail of your look always attracts. It can’t be unnoticуable. This thing is absolutely worth buying.


Armlets or elbow bracelets or upper arm bracelets. They are very different, too. This detail is not so popular. It seems like your whole look should be very ethic or thematic to wear this accessory. But no! We can offer so many styles and forms that even this unusual detail becomes appropriate to wear at any occasion. Just choose – silver or gold color, antique silver or antique gold color, with stones, gems or rhinestones, thin or massive. Your fantasy has no limits. Bette pick several to be sure that your have one for any apparel. It is sooo boho.Armlet

Body chains

Body chains or body jewelry become in fashion after Beyonce starts wearing it. This accessory is super sexy. It looks sexy and your feel sexy wearing it. We have massive body chains that you can wear on simple one-color dress and everybody would think that this dress costed your a fortune. And we have thin chains that will attract much attention to your skin but won’t look too excessive. Body jewelry are chains for neck, chest, belly, legs. Feel free expressing yourself!

Ring sets

We offer not wedding rings sets but casual ring sets. Not for several persons but unly for you. We have sets of rings that are same by style. They are very consistent for make it beautiful to put on all rings at once. They can be a little different by color, shapes, stones but they fit one another. You can wear them on both hands or all on one hand. WE have boho, hippie, gypsy, classic. Many cuff ring sets for you. Combine, create and express. In our store you can find jewelry for any taste.

heart shape ring set